We are WOWSPACELAB, we design & produce art, installations and products.

We create and curate unique art editions, that can be anything from sculpture, light, neon, collages, photography, wearables… for everybody, and also installations for spaces, including interior design, shop design and special light driven unique solutions for individual customers, architects, lighting and interior designers, the hospitality industry, offices, and other public spaces.

We crave for unexpected experiences, surprising spaces and smiling faces. We utilize the latest technologies in manufacturing, such as laser, CNC, 3D printing, combined with touch-sensitivity, wireless control options, interactivity.

We want our unique art editions and products to set your spaces into motion. We are constantly developing more products in close cooperation with other artists, designers and creatives from all fields to develop beautiful and fun solutions for your home, to create positive emotions for any space, to balance your soul, to make you wow & spark your joy!

Design and Curation Team

Pinko & M are an international designer duo based in Berlin, combining Turkish, German and French impulses. Pinko's ambition is to incorporate culture with contemporary design and geometry. She has worked as interior designer and concept designer in exhibition projects, always chasing a coherent design within the content. M has a playful approach to design, mixing form, technology and jokes. His graphic design & animation / moving image background is adding movement to all designs. This intersection and mix of materials, colours, traditional & modern manufacture processes combined with humor produces unexpected results and never-seen-before products.

Pinko &M are total heliophilous beings, proud members of the dusk till dawn community and the sun always goes up society.

If you are looking for design solutions tailored to your space, send us an e-mail at info@wowspacelab.com.